Simply LPT-programmer for Silabs MCU with C2-interface


Programmer circuit  (work with SlabProg and FlashLoadLite):

KC133A - zener diode 3V3 type.


Optoisolated programmer circuit using PC817B (work only with SlabProg):

For ISA LPT card. Low power LPT can't work without external 5V connected to C1.

Optoisolated programmer circuit using 6N137 (work with SlabProg and FlashLoadLite):

For ISA LPT card. Low power LPT can't work without external 5V connected to C1.

For BX-chipset (Pentium-II, III) integrated chipset (may be work with other port too):

Software for MS Windows 98....XP: SlabProg  v1.24 (29.05.2012) .    Work without installation, still unpack.

 (old: v1.2.1   v1.2   v1.1   v1.0   v0.9   v0.8   v0.7   v0.6)



- full read, full and page erase, full and zone program, full and zone verify, full and page lock.

- hex (*.hex) и bin (any extension, exclude *.hex) file load.

- dump viewer / editor .


- debugger:  RAM and SFR read&write, reset, stop, resume...

- repair C8051F41x, killed by  MOV RSTSRC,#0 .

- optimization for mass production: one-touch packet algorithm with success/error sounds,  vertical window design, automatic check device present and start.

- debug : auto run selected operation on hex/bin file change, include reset MCU. Thus, after pressing compile key - no additional operation for upload and running  new firmware. Great speed-up will be by using only changed page erase & program algorithm. 

- lock check function: read after page locking.

- very simple circuit, galvanic isolation possibility.



Programmer will be periodical interrupted (with error message) if  it is print jobs for the LPT-port printer.




auto load last used file at start;

each stage timer in status window;

high speed C2: 32kB read - 20 sec,  write - 21 sec (Win XP), 32kB read/write - 8 sec (Win ME).


corrected for modern bidirectional LPT



new: automatic MCU present check and start selected jobs by it.

new: file to buffer load without cleaning

fixed: error in file open dialog



zone blank check procedure corrected

PCI LPT addr added

serial number programming added

fast all-0xFF sectors writing

independent lock byte write procedure corrected



HW revision adding

Windows color scheme adaptation



Vista/Seven path's adaptation



support HEX-files made on UNIX systems



SW & HW compatibility:

SlabProg programmer  is LPT pin compatible with FlashBlaster2 from Dilogic. You can use: